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Welcome Dear Professional!!                                                                            
How nice of you to take your precious time to visit my site!!I sincerely appreciate your time and efforts you spend while visiting my website.

I created this website to give you some more information about me. Let me give you an idea about how to navigate through my website ,so that you can get maximum zest about my professional & Personal accomplishments.

On the left index of the page, you can click on the specific tabs like Education,Work experience Project etc. which will open new page to have a look into broad details about my achievements.

On the right index, you can see my Career Objective ,skills  & soft skills like Strengths and Weaknesses.

About My Professional Life  ⇔

I have MBA degree(Business Administration,Electives-Marketing/consulting,{Full time,CGPA=3.5/4.0}) from Chapman University,USA and my work experience(in India and USA) is in the field of Marketing and Consulting. I also did projects based on my field and wrote start up business plans in the field of Green Energy/Online Marketing.I possess good communication skills with specialized knowledge in Marketing(especially Socila Media Marketing and writing Marketing Plans) and Consulting(Start Up Business Plan).

I am innovative to foster ideas that impel the organization towards result oriented direction. I have impeccable client management and leadership skills with impressive professional-speaking abilities. I am ussually driven by new  challenges and adept at adopting to different cultural and business environment.

About My Personal Life

I am social, funny, sincere and versatile! There is no place called 'Fear' in my life,cause I personally believe that If there is anything which stops you to become successful is fear of 'something'( like-people, society, failure etc.)


'If you adhere to your Ethics and Integrity, than they both always gives you courage to fight against terrible time,thats what I learnt so far.'


Marketing (especially Social Media Marketing and writing Marketing Plans)
Consulting - Start up Business Plan 
Brand Development

* I am open to work as an 'Outside Consultant' in the field of Marketing( Including Social Media Marketing and Traditional Media Marketing/Strategies). Let me know, If I can be of any help! 

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Ethics and Integrity always gives you courage to fight in terrible time,thats what I learnt so far.- Rahul